Sunday 21 June 2009

Chocolate and Turkish Delight Dessert Pizza

1 small pizza base
2 tbls strawberry jam
100g cooking chocolate
100g turkish delight

1. blind bake the pizza base if it isn't already cooked
2. spread the jam on the base
3. break up the chocolate and turkish delight and spread over base
4. cook in a 200degC oven for about 5mins to melt the toppings. warning - moltern sugar is hot.

It works, but the result is nothing spectacular. Someone suggested coconut might help tone down the overwhelming sugariness - I might try that next time.

Monday 15 June 2009

HDD Data Recovery in Australia

Someone asked me to look at how much it would cost to recover the data on a broken laptop drive. Here are the results of my quick phone survey (they don't put the prices online, of course).
logical $400-$1400
electrical $1000-$2000
$300 - $2500
up to $2000