Monday 30 August 2010

iPad post

First time I have used an I pad, someone had left safari running. First thing I did, google "iPad alt tab". suggests the home button which seems to be the hw button with the square on it.

Touch typing:
Quality of a netuoy us bot sttauobed.

Hmm, no.

PS: In case it wasn't obvious, I did all that on an iPad. The post is a little unclear because typing was so much work.

Edit: Added PS using a real keyboard, so much nicer.

Tuesday 24 August 2010

So, I make websites

Hello to everyone visiting because I gave them them this link at OPD today.

So, I make websites as my day job. If you're a celebrant (or any small business) and would like me to give you a quote to build, host and/or maintain your website please don't hesitate email me at

For the record, "leetmotif" is a play on Leitmotif and Leet.

Celebrant OPD

I just returned from a course of Ongoing Professional Development for Celebrants from Australian Celebrations Training.

Amusingly, during the Social Media part of the presentation the presenter kindly asked if I made websites and let me plug this site. Thanks Beth.

So, I've hurried back to update the site.