Sunday 1 July 2012

Some photos not converted in Digital Photo Professional

I just figured out my problem with "Digital Photo Professional" (Canon software which converts CR2 (raw) files to jpgs). If software hasn't created the thumbnail yet, the file can't be selected.

So if you click on the first photo, then shift click on the last photo, it looks like it selects all, but actually it only selects the photos that it has had time to load. Then you batch convert them to jpgs and wonder why you only have one photo of the flying trapeze.

This also explains why the "select all" button is greyed out.

Monday 7 May 2012

Editing Canon 600D .mov files

This is the workflow I currently use when I want to edit a video that I shot on My Canon 600D.

  1. Re-encode the video with SUPER, using these settings:

    Note that the SUPER download page is hard to navigate and that SUPER installs some extra software if you don't pay attention to the questions during the install. Icky, but it does the job better than anything else I've found. (I also tried Handbrake and the software that came with the camera). Oh, here's instructions if you want know how to download SUPER.

  2. The resulting file can be edited in VirtualDub.

I think (and hope) that there's a better way, but this one works.

Here's the video, incidentally:

The edit was just switching out the soundtrack.

youtube suggested tags

Youtube just suggested I tag a video "Sydney (City/Town/Village)".

So I did. Now it says:

Suggested tags:
+Village (Fictional Organization Type) +Town (Type Of Fictional Setting) +City (Type Of Fictional Setting)

Which I though was amusing.