Wednesday 1 December 2010

The Hive Brisbane, 2010-11-30 - interesting people with exciting projects

I went to a The Hive event today yesterday, featuring Richard Slatter from We Are Hunted.

I enjoyed the event. They talk was good but the best bit of the evening was talking to some interesting people about their exciting projects:

  • The speaker, Richard Slatter, about We Are Hunted (music charts based on online chatter) and the advantages of RERO.

  • Alice and Leo from Davinway Marketing, who are applying agile methodologies to marketing (which is an idea that appeals to me).

  • Mike Boyd, part of The Hive's Brisbane team, who's working on Cupstart, a project that will let you "Order your coffee online using Cupstart and collect it as you arrive". Oh, he also has a survey.

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